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Mumbai: The University Grants Commission has ordered Mumbai University not to admit students to the popular BSc (Information Technology) program. UGC refused permission, citing the faculty’s inadequate strength to run the course.
BSc (IT) offered by the University of Mumbai’s Institute for Open and Distance Learning (IDOL) is one of the easiest places to do this program in the city. This unsupported course is popular with students pursuing careers in information technology. Additionally, most tuition fees run into the tens of thousands, making IDOL an affordable choice for many. The course also attracts those who cannot afford to study engineering but would like to take jobs in IT.
“We sent the report of the committee of experts with the recommendations to all open and distance universities,” said a UGC source. In a copy of the report accompanying this paper, it was found that the UGC Expert Panel highlighted deficiencies in two programs, BSc (IT) and MSc (Computer Science).
“The callous demeanor of part of the university is reflected in the fact that officials have closed many popular courses, especially those without assistance that are offered off-campus at private colleges for a high fee,” said Subhas Athawale, secretary of Mumbai University College Teachers Association.
MU stopped offering the Masters program a year ago. However, it has already approved candidates for undergraduate admission in July 2021 when it ran the most recent admission cycle for entry in January 2021.
The BSc (IT) course requires a minimum of three faculty members, although the third faculty details submitted by MU to UGC had some inconsistencies.
“We have several students who have signed up for the BSc (IT) program. We understand the course requires three faculties, but the third professor’s résumé sent to UGC was not accepted because it was from a computer science background, ”said a university official.
MU plans to contact the commission regarding this and explain that a third faculty is available. “We hope UGC understands the problem and enables us to offer the course in the upcoming admissions cycle,” added the official.
As the university waits for a panel of experts from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council for a grade, the UGC’s rap will have an impact on their score.
“Over time, registration with IDOL has decreased as the quality has deteriorated,” said a member of the board of directors.

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