Sameer Wankhede sues social media platforms, seeks restraint on allowing defamatory material against him, wife | Mumbai news

Mumbai: Sameer Wankhede, director of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in Mumbai, and his wife Kranti Redkar have filed a lawsuit urging social media companies Facebook and Twitter to post “bizarre and defamatory messages” against them in their respective banning social media platforms.

In the plea, it was said that certain channels that are operated without restriction on social media platforms, “sponsored misinformation” spread about Wankhede and Redkar, “at the behest of the people against whom he had to act as part of his official duties” and asked for Legal assistance in accordance with the provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000.

It should be on December 17th. come to the negotiation.

This follows one On November 7, Wankhede’s father, Dnyandev Wankhede, filed a $ 1.25 million civil defamation lawsuit against Nawab Malik, leader of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), for making “derogatory comments against my son and” on social media my family ”published. Dnyandev also requested a permanent restraining order preventing Malik and others “acting on his instructions” from writing or speaking about the family in the media after the Maharashtra minister released photos of Wankhede’s birth certificate, claiming he lied about his religion in order to take advantage of box-based reservation.

Wankhede and Redkar filed for interim relief on October 28, claiming that Wankhede was an “honest and sincere official” who helped curb illegal activities such as smuggling and trafficking in narcotics and psychotropic substances in Mumbai. In her plea, it is said that some unscrupulous elements against whom Wankhede took action have been transferred to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in order to start a “tirade against him”.

“When dedicated investigation teams are set up (to investigate some NCB-registered drug cases, including the one with Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan, and another with Nawab Malik’s son-in-law), such an ongoing illegal tirade against I and plaintiff No. 2 (Redkar) should only discredit myself and my official work. ”

“It is only just and fair that the defendants (social media platforms) are instructed to prevent their platforms from being misused to threaten and defame me for being a government official who has no other legal remedy,” it said it in the application.

Wankhede has requested an order under Section 79 of the IT Act, in which companies are requested to stop broadcasting, reporting and publishing malicious, defamatory and unscrupulous messages against him and his wife.

When asked, media representatives from Facebook and Twitter said they were unaware of the legal issues and were unable to comment on the trial.

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