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Mumbai: Even as residents of housing associations, which are currently the most common cases of Covid, flock to vaccination centers, companies have indicated that slum dwellers don’t share the same level of enthusiasm. Citizens representatives have asked BMC to make more efforts to reach the community. Some of them suggest that BMC teams should follow a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) similar to what was done during the mass tests during the first few months of the pandemic.
Goregaon corporation Srikala Pillai, whose community consists largely of slums like Bhagat Singh Nagar 1 & 2, Laxmi Nagar and Indira Nagar, says the slum dwellers are very reluctant to vaccinate. “Many fall victim to fake news about the side effects of the vaccine. So there is an even greater need to ensure that they are encouraged to take the vaccine, ”she says, planning to help slums in slums register their names through the co-win app so they can get the vaccine in Can get close to center in Nesco.
Some activists also indicated that coverage would improve if the BMC started delivering the vaccine in community pharmacies. “Every place has a community pharmacy, and if the BMC introduces vaccination campaigns there too, slum pocket residents may be willing to go there instead of traveling anywhere,” said RTI activist Anil Galgali. Each ward has its own team of health workers who can further streamline this process. “You should be following the same SOP that you used when doing aggressive Covid testing,” he said.
Swapna Mhatre, BJP corporator from H West Township, also says registering local corporators for the vaccination campaign could increase coverage in slums and other congested locations.
BMC officials said pressure is currently being put on every vaccination center. “But there is definitely a plan to gradually cover all of them at some point. Precautions must be taken before a vaccine is given, including computers to check details, facilities to store the vaccine and space for people who have been given the vaccine, “said one official.


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