Mumbai Cop Vaze to Be Transferred From Crime Department, Says Maharashtra House Minister Anil Deshmukh

The high profile Mumbai police officer Sachin Vaze, who was part of the investigation into the explosives recovered from the car parked near Mukesh Ambani’s parking lot, will be removed from the criminal investigation department and transferred to another department, the Maharashtra Interior Minister said, Anil Deshmukh, with the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday March 10th.

In response to the announcement, Maharashtra BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis said, “It appears that Sachin Vaze has some information. Therefore, the government is afraid and will not investigate him.”

He added that Vaze was only being transferred to pacify the house and protect her own reputation, according to ANI.

The Maharashtra Counterterrorism Team (ATS) has filed a murder case against unidentified people in connection with the death of Mansukh Hiren, the man whose vehicle laden with explosives was found outside Mukesh Ambani’s home.

Hiren, 45, was found dead on March 5 on the bank of a stream near Mumbai.

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