Kangana vs Akhtar: Actor challenges courtroom warrant in Mumbai | Mumbai Information

Mumbai: Actor Kangana Ranaut has appealed to a trial court and challenged an arrest warrant issued by a judge in a libel complaint filed against her by copywriter Javed Akhtar. Her plea, submitted on Wednesday, should be heard on Monday, her lawyer said.
The district court of the metropolis Andheri had issued an arrest warrant against the actress on March 1st for not appearing in court. Magistrate RR Khanhad summoned her in February. Since she did not appear, the court issued an arrest warrant for her and put the matter up for a hearing on March 26th.
Ranaut was free to go to a higher court to challenge the subpoena, but she cannot avoid appearing in court, the judge said.
The police had previously filed a report on Akhtar’s complaint, in which they said that a defamation crime had been established against Ranaut at first sight. Akhtar has accused the actor of making false statements about him and damaging his reputation when she spoke about a “coterie” in Bollywood after Sushant Singh Rajput died in June.
Kangana’s attorney Rizwan Siddiquee said her request would be heard on Monday. PTI

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