Devendra Fadnavis: Antilia case: BJP calls for arrest of Mumbai cop Vaze

The BJP increased pressure on the Maharashtra government over the explosives-laden vehicle near the home of industrialist Mukesh Ambani and requested the arrest of a police officer in connection with the vehicle owner’s death while the ruling Shiv Sena attempted to strike back by doing that Address issue of alleged suicide of Dadra and Nagar Haveli Lok Sabha member Mohan Delkar.

Opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis of BJP said at the gathering Tuesday that Vimla Hiren, the wife of the deceased owner of the vehicle, Mansukh Hiren, said in her statement to police that she suspected her husband was murdered in the police force could have been ordered by Deputy Police Inspector Sachin Vaze. He called for Vaze to be arrested under Section 201 of India’s Criminal Code, which deals with the disappearance of evidence of crime.

While Fadnavis’ comments sparked an uproar in the house and resulted in a series of adjournments, Interior Minister Anil Deshmukh later announced that a special investigation team would be set up to investigate Delkar’s death. He said Delkar’s suicide note shows he is being threatened by Dadra and Nagar Havelis administrator Praful Khoda Patel, a former BJP MLA. Delkar was found dead in a hotel room in Mumbai on February 23.

“The woman in her statement clearly states that after the explosives were found, her husband spent three days with Sachin Vaze and he and no one else investigated the case,” Fadnavis said at the gathering. “Not only that, she also said that her husband told her on March 2nd that Vaze had taken him to a lawyer and that he wrote a letter at Vaze’s behest saying that he was being adamant.” Feels pressured on calls from police and media. He wrote letters to the Prime Minister, the Mumbai Police Commissioner. ”

He went on to say: “The woman added in her statement that the murder could have been at the behest of Sachin Vaze.”

Fadnavis later told the media that it was strange that the Interior Minister agreed to expose Vaze in the Chamber of Parliament Speakers but later withdrew after meeting Prime Minister Thackeray. “The entire way this case is handled leads to questions about whether this entire episode was a government sponsored move. If Sachin Vaze is arrested, whose name would he reveal? “Said Fadnavis. “There are a number of people who would be in trouble and so the government backtracked on the move to remove him from the Crime Intelligence Unit he heads.”

Fadnavis said Vaze has been trying to contact Hiren’s family for the past two days and has requested that the family be protected by the police.

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