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Indicating vaccine saturation, daily vaccination numbers have plunged by nearly 43.24% in the last 15 days in Maharashtra. Meanwhile, over 81 lakh eligible people in the state are yet to get vaccinated. Data provided by the Public Health department show that between January 8 and 22, a total of 69,37,097 people were vaccinated in the state. In the next 15 days, between January 23 and February 6, it dropped to 39,37,196. With the start of the mass vaccination program for children above 15 years and booster shots in the second week of January, on an average, 7.5 lakh people were inoculated daily in the state till the third week of January, which has now dropped to less than helped, to 3.5 lakh.

In the state, over 90% of the eligible population has received the first dose while nearly 68% have been fully vaccinated. Public health officers attribute the drop in vaccination to saturation in the Covid-19 immunization programme. “We are hardly getting new beneficiaries. Due to the time gap of 84 days, the public are waiting for their second doses. Other than that, booster shots and vaccinations among the younger population are the biggest contributors to the latest vaccination tally,” said Dr Sachin Desai, state immunization officer.

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